The Estate of The Union Season 3|Episode 6

The Estate of The Union Season 2 premiere – Millennials’ Mysteries Uncovered Part 2

The Estate of The Union Season 2 premiere – Millennials’ Mysteries Uncovered Part 2 is out now!

Millennials are often seen as a mysterious generation that frustrates those from older groups with their unique thoughts and habits. This generation is made up of people born between 1981 and 1996, and grew up at a time of tremendous change and advancement in technology and culture. They see the world very differently than their parents; and that is reflected in how they live, how they love and how they vote. As Millennials advance into adulthood, and begin to take a larger role in shaping society, it is time to take a look at how they tick.

In this episode of The Estate of the Union, Brad Wiewel and his son, Sam Wiewel, who is 31 years old and a confirmed Millennial, discuss many of the differences between Brad’s Boomer generation and Sam’s Millennials, as highlighted in their differing views on the same movie! They have a very entertaining discussion on how movies affect Millennials and what Millennials want to see in movies.  If you’ve noticed a much large emphasis on Super Heroes in films, this answer lies in listening to this!

It proves to be a lively – and at times hilarious – conversation. If you Listen, you will Learn.

In each episode of The Estate of The Union podcast, host and lawyer Brad Wiewel will give valuable insights into the confusing world of estate planning, making an often daunting subject easier to understand. It is Estate Planning Made Simple! The Estate of The Union Season 2 premiere -Millennials’ Mysteries Uncovered Part 2 can be found on Spotify, Apple podcasts, or anywhere you get your podcasts. If you would prefer to watch the video version, please visit our YouTube page. Please click on the link below to listen to the new installment of The Estate of The Union podcast. We hope you enjoy it.

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