Beginning the Relationship

Austin Texas Estate Planning and Probate Law Firm

Initial Consultation

We meet many of our clients through an initial consultation that is scheduled for one and half to two hours. In the meeting, we discuss your particular issues and strategies for accomplishing your goals. We will discuss fees in detail and decide at that meeting whether moving forward with the process is appropriate.

At The Wiewel Law Firm we offer four different ways to get your questions answered and your planning accomplished.

Planning Paths™

LifePlanning™ is designed to help families and individuals with larger estates. LifePlanning™ clients typically have assets or investments of over $500,000, excluding their home and personal property. These families and individuals often face estate tax issues and asset protection concerns. Helping you navigate the planning options available is our primary concern.

Brad Wiewel is the attorney you will meet with at your initial appointment.

Laureate Planning™ is designed for people with estates near or over of the current estate tax exemptions of $11,400,000 for Singles and $22,800,000 for Married Couples. These estates have troublesome tax and asset protection issues that require unique strategies.

Brad Wiewel and Rob Hugos are the attorneys you will meet with at your initial appointment.

Fundamental Foundations™ is designed to help families and individuals who have assets or investments less than $500,000, excluding their home and personal property. Whether the issues concern planning for minor children or just making sure that basic estate planning documents are in place, Fundamental Foundations™ will be the best option for many people.

Melissa Donovan is the attorney you will meet with at your initial appointment

Personalized Probate™ is designed to help families and individuals who have lost a loved one and now must deal with what can seem at times like a legal quagmire. Whether your loved one died with or without an estate plan (Will or Living Trust) in place, issues related to settling the estate must be tackled so that real and potential problems can be addressed. Our Personalized Probate™ is designed to assist the grieving family move through this process with careful attention to the legal details that can cause frustration and confusion.

Ann Lumley is the attorney you will meet with at your initial appointment.

When You Are Ready

When you are ready to schedule a consultation, please call or complete the Request an Initial Consultation form and we will give you a call to schedule. Also, go ahead and download our client information forms below to get started.

[The following forms may be downloaded to your computer and viewed and printed using Adobe Reader.]

  1. Estate Planning Questionnaire – couple
  2. Estate Planning Questionnaire – single
  3. Estate Administration Questionnaire
  4. Elder Law Questionnaire