The Peace of Mind People®

About Cindy Wiewel

Assistant Chief of Staff

Cindy Wiewel is the Assistant Chief of Staff and the “boss’ wife”! Need we say more?! Cindy brings a joyful spirit into the office as she pitches in wherever needed.
Cindy served on the Board of Directors of Casa Marianella, a non-profit that assists displaced immigrants and promotes self-sufficiency by providing shelter and support services.
She works more in the background of the office and keeps everything running smoothly at home for Brad!

Why We Do What We Do

Meetings with attorneys always seem to deal with the WHAT and HOW of estate planning and probate. At Texas Trust Law we call ourselves The Peace of Mind People®. We want to take a moment and tell you WHY we do what we do.

Here is the WHY of Texas Trust Law: We LOVE taking complex legal concepts and making those understandable to our clients and their advisors so they can take action. That then allows us to bring peace of mind to our clients and their family if they become incapacitated, at death, and when they are concerned about protecting themselves, their wealth, and their loved ones from predators, problematic family members and the IRS.

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